”KandyRain” Visual out NOW 🗣 With this visual I hope not only to get everyone excited for what’s to come with my EP & Collection 🌺#Nymphaea🌺 but to encourage everyone to challenge themselves by being a citizen of the GLOBE. Travel. Learn languages. Do EVERYTHING in your power to make your ideas come to LIFE. I am a proud Liberian and an even more proud language enthusiast, designer and overall artist! Learning Chinese made me value my culture even MORE. It made me want to dig deeper within MYSELF and truly embark on my journey to self-discovery. JOIN ME 🤗

Huge thanks to the amazing team of individuals that made this all possible: Metalwork Pieces: Jesse Mathes Film: University of Colorado Denver CU Denver Film & TV Department Professor Pablo Agua & his talented class! Garments: Guwala da Nele Spring 2018 🌺#Nymphaea🌺 collection


The Breakfast King

Denver Botanic Gardens

Bonsai Nursery Inc.

KandyRain Production: Drew Smith x Shad Hitz of Connect Studios

Stream "KandyRain" HERE

Thank you ALL 💚💚💚🖖🏾 Watch HERE