Designer Garmai Matthew is a African American fashion designer that was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. Her great grandfather migrated from Benin to Liberia in search of new opportunities to provide for his family. As a well seasoned tailor, he rose to the ranks by making garments for chiefs of high stature. This inspired Garmai to name her brand "Guwala da Nele" meaning "Strong and Beautiful" in her father and great grandfather's Liberian dialect called Kpelle.
Guwala da Nele is an eco-friendly “zerowaste” fashion house made in Liberia in efforts to help girls gain computer literacy skills & pay for education.She has always had a passion for fashion has evolved her outlook on the fashion realm to a more eco-friendly approach. As passionate global trailblazer, she is takes pride in her culture and her dedication to environmental change. Garmai is inspired to continue the legacy of her great grandfather by changing the world one seam at a time.